Why You Should Buy A Reptile From A Pet Store, Not A Private Seller

25 September 2020
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If you search for reptiles for sale in your area, you'll likely find a lot of classified ads or social media posts in which people are looking to sell their pets. While these offers might be appealing to some degree, you should consider a pet store that specializes in reptiles instead. Many pet stores have large selections of reptiles, so you and your family can enjoy visiting a local store to assess each of the pets and decide which will be the best one to add to your home. Read More …

Putting Together A Saltwater Aquarium? Why You Need Live Rock In Your Habitat

30 July 2020
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Besides choosing the type of fish you want and your tank size, there are lots of other essentials you'll need to purchase when setting up a saltwater aquarium at home. You'll need to get a heater/thermometer, a power-head to churn the water, filtration equipment, etc. You'll also want to look for aquascaping materials. Aquascaping includes plants, rocks, stones, driftwood, and other objects that add beauty to the tank and provide a habitat for your fish. Read More …

4 Things To Consider When Picking The Best Dog Bed For Your Overgrown Puppy

13 May 2020
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Big dogs naturally need a sizable place to sleep other than with you or on your furniture. Buying a large dog bed is a kind gesture so they don't end up sleeping on the floor. Here are a few things to consider as you shop. 1. The Shape of the Bed  How does your dog prefer to sleep? Are they the type that sprawls out lengthwise with their feet stretched out behind them and front paws stretched before them? Read More …

Why You Should Feed Your Koi Fortified Fished Food

9 January 2020
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Koi are a popular kind of fish due to their vibrant colors. Koi are often added to a fish tank or an outdoor pond due to their ability to attract attention thanks to their natural beauty. But if you want your koi to live long lives, you'll have to care for them properly and that includes serving up fortified fish food. Why should you serve your koi food that has been fortified with vitamins and minerals? Read More …