Why You Should Buy A Reptile From A Pet Store, Not A Private Seller

Why You Should Buy A Reptile From A Pet Store, Not A Private Seller

25 September 2020
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If you search for reptiles for sale in your area, you'll likely find a lot of classified ads or social media posts in which people are looking to sell their pets. While these offers might be appealing to some degree, you should consider a pet store that specializes in reptiles instead. Many pet stores have large selections of reptiles, so you and your family can enjoy visiting a local store to assess each of the pets and decide which will be the best one to add to your home. There are several reasons that shopping at a pet store instead of buying your reptile from a private seller is a good idea.

The Reptile Will Be Healthy

If you were to buy a reptile from a private seller, you'd have no idea about the animal's health. Some sellers are unscrupulous. For example, someone may have a reptile as a pet, notice that it's acting sickly, and then decide to sell it without divulging this information. Given that you're not an expert, you may fail to notice the problem — which means that you could end up with a sick pet that requires significant veterinary care. When you shop for your reptile at a pet store, you can be confident that the animal will be healthy.

You'll Get Expert Advice

Private sellers who list pets such as reptiles for sale may not have much knowledge about the animals. For example, someone may have received a reptile as a pet and decided that he or she didn't want to keep it. For this individual, listing the reptile on a classified website might be the next course of action. Shopping at a pet store gives you the ability to get expert advise. The store almost certainly has one or more reptile experts on staff, which means that you can talk at length with one of these individuals to assess which type of reptile might be right for you, as well as how to care for it.

Complementary Products Are Available

When you buy a reptile, you need a variety of complementary products. This list can include a glass tank that you'll fill with rocks, sands, and various decorative elements. You'll also need reptile food so that you can begin to make food available once you get the pet home. Shopping at a pet store is ideal because you'll be able to buy all of these complementary products. A private seller may not have additional things available, which means that you'd need to visit the pet store to buy them.