4 Things To Consider When Picking The Best Dog Bed For Your Overgrown Puppy

4 Things To Consider When Picking The Best Dog Bed For Your Overgrown Puppy

13 May 2020
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Big dogs naturally need a sizable place to sleep other than with you or on your furniture. Buying a large dog bed is a kind gesture so they don't end up sleeping on the floor. Here are a few things to consider as you shop.

1. The Shape of the Bed 

How does your dog prefer to sleep? Are they the type that sprawls out lengthwise with their feet stretched out behind them and front paws stretched before them? Or is your big pal a burrower who nestles into blankets and gets into a tightly curled position? These are things to consider when picking out a bed because you want your dog to be able to sleep in their usual position comfortably, and some bed shapes simply will not accommodate some sleeping positions. For example, a sprawling sleeper may not fit on a round bed. 

2. The Support of the Inner Stuffing Inside the Bed 

You can find dog beds stuffed with everything from cotton and polyester filling to cedar chips and silicone beads. When you have a big dog, you want a bed that is going to give it a good support system when they lie down. Before purchasing a certain bed, look at what it is filled with and make sure this filler is going to be resilient and supportive for your heavy dog. You don't want the dog to get on the bed and sinking completely down to the floor.

3. The Ease-of-Cleaning the Bed 

Bigger dogs can mean more hair, more drool, and bigger accidents, which means their bed can get dirty rather quickly. You should always look at how easy a bed is to clean before bringing it home for your beloved pooch. Some beds are designed with slipcovers that can be removed and washed as often as they need to be. Other beds may be a bit harder to clean. Make sure to consider this while you shop. 

4. The Perimeter of the Bed or Lack Thereof 

Make sure that you are looking at the side features of the bed. Some beds have a perimeter ridge that stands up to enclose the bed. These are nice for a few reasons. For one, perimeter edges help contain pet hair so it is not spilling out onto the floor. However, if you have an older dog that may have a hard time getting over the raised edges, it can be better to forgo the perimeter edge altogether.  

For more information on extra large dog beds, reach out to a supplier.