Keeping Your Dog Warm In The Winter With A Pet Jacket

Keeping Your Dog Warm In The Winter With A Pet Jacket

22 March 2022
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For dog owners, it will be necessary to take their dogs outside on a regular basis regardless of the season. Unfortunately, the winter months can bring extremely cold temperatures that may cause your dog to be uncomfortable or to even suffer health problems due to cold exposure.

Choose A Jacket That Will Be Warm Enough For Your Dog

When choosing a new jacket for your dog, the amount of warmth that it will provide is an important consideration. This is especially true for those in cold climate areas that can experience long periods of fairly intense cold. Luckily, there are puffer coats for dogs that are able to help keep your dog warm when it goes outside.

Be Mindful Of The Fit Of The Jacket

The way that your dog's new jacket fits it will be another consideration that you will need to give ample thought to before you decide on a jacket to buy. If the fit of the coat is not correct, it can limit your dog's range of motion, which can increase the risk of it slipping on icy patches of ground. Furthermore, a coat that does not fit correctly may be uncomfortable for your dog, and this could lead to your dog being very resistant to wearing the jacket. Lastly, a poor fit can increase the risk of your animal getting waste on the coat when it is relieving itself. For this reason, it can be useful to consider opting for a jacket that has an adjustable size. This will allow you to more effectively fit it to your animal so the coat can keep the dog warm while still being comfortable to wear.

Be Mindful Of The Care Instructions For The Dog Jacket

Your dog's coat is likely to need to be washed on a very regular basis. Unfortunately, individuals may not take the time to review the care instructions for the coat that they decide to buy for their animals. This can lead to them accidentally damaging the coat or causing it to warp so that it may no longer fit the animal. In many cases, these coats will need to be hand washed in cold water and allowed to air dry. This can minimize the amount of wear that they experience as well as avoid exposure to high temperatures that may distort the fabrics. When cleaning the coat you will also want to only use detergents that are safe for pets to minimize the risk of these cleaning agents irritating your pet's skin.

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