2 Things To Do To Fit Your Dog's Collar Correctly

2 Things To Do To Fit Your Dog's Collar Correctly

5 February 2021
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When you buy a collar for your dog, you want to make sure that it fits them correctly. A collar that is too tight is uncomfortable and carries choking risks. A collar that is too large can slip right off over your dog's head. Thus, it's important to make sure that you fit the collar to the dog. So, how can you make sure that the collar you choose fits right?


When you look at how collars are measured, they generally go by the dog's size, giving a weight range for small, medium, large dogs. Knowing what your dog's weight is will help you get a collar that is the right size, especially if you are looking at getting an adjustable collar. You can also measure your dog to find the right collar size for them by taking a piece of string and wrapping it around their throat, then marking where the string starts to overlap. While you are measuring, make sure that you aren't wrapping the string tightly around their throat. Your dog needs to have some space in between their neck and the collar. Use a ruler or a measuring tape to measure the string to know how long it is. That will give you an estimate of how long you need to have the collar. 

Try It Out

You can go to a pet store that allows pets to come in so that you can take your dog with you to try on several collars. Armed with the measurements you have taken, you can look at the variety of collars that fall into the range that will fit your dog. See if you can find one that you really like. Try it on your dog, and when it is on, you want to check the fit by sliding your index and middle fingers under the collar. They should be able to slide easily under the collar, and you should be able to easily slide them around. If you can't, you need to adjust the collar, move the buckle to the next larger hole, or get a different collar. If you can, then you might also want to try to slide the collar over your dog's head to see if it's too large. 

Finding the right collar for your dog is important. Their collar carries their identification and makes it possible for you to put a leash on them so that you can safely control them. 

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