Preparing For A Savannah

Preparing For A Savannah

26 January 2018
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If you are interested in owning an exotic cat, then you may be considering getting a Savannah, which is part African Serval. If you decide to get one, there are some things you want to be prepared to deal with and other things you want to do in order to prepare for the arrival of your new family member. Here is some helpful information you want to read before bringing your Savannah cat home:

Be prepared to deal with a jumper: Savannah cats can jump much higher than an average house cat and they love to do so. Therefore, you want to go through your home and make sure you put away fragile items that are on tall shelves the cat may want to jump up on. You may also want to have some special steps and high up walkways installed around the upper walls of the rooms the cat will be in the most. If you give them a high space to spend their time in then they will be less likely to cause damage to your displayed items.

Be prepared for a water-loving cat: A Savannah cat will more than likely love the water. If you aren't prepared for this, then you can find yourself surprised when you catch them trying to swim in your toilet or jumping in the bathtub with someone.

Get a good harness and leash: Savannah cats love to go for walks and are generally easy to leash train. Since Savannahs are exotic cats, you never want to let them walk the neighborhood by themselves. There is a good chance that someone would take your cat and you would never see it again. Get a quality harness made of a comfortable material and a leash that isn't too long, but that lets your cat walk with a comfortable amount of give.

Build an outside cat pen: Your Savannah will love to go outside on its own. You can make it extremely happy by using cat fencing supplies to build a pen for it. You want to build it, so all sides are completely fenced in, as well as the top. Put a cat tree in it, some steps for it to climb around on and put a small kiddie pool full of water in it. If you build the pen around one of the windows in your home, then you can give your cat the added freedom of going in their special area anytime they want.