Complementary Treatments For Your Dog With Cancer

Complementary Treatments For Your Dog With Cancer

18 January 2018
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When you find out that your dog has cancer, the first thoughts in your mind are likely about what you possibly can and should do to help them through this ordeal. While your first instincts are towards chemotherapy, radiation therapy, and surgery, there are also other treatment options available to help your dog through their cancer. You can also consider various complementary treatments to help ease symptoms of your dog's cancer like pain and discomfort. These treatments can be used alongside the more traditional treatments to provide supportive and holistic care. Get to know more about some of these complementary treatments for your dog with cancer so you can start incorporating them into your dog's treatment regimen right away. 

Cannabis for Dogs

One of the complementary treatments that very few pet owners have heard about is the use of cannabis in treating ailments in dogs. Cannabis has long been touted as a supportive therapy for cancer patients suffering from nausea and pain as related to their cancer and their cancer treatments. And now, it is also available for dogs. 

Cannabis can help your dog with their stiffness and soreness as related to cancer and its treatment and may help with the stomach upset that chemotherapy and radiation can cause as well (just like in humans). Cannabis for dogs is available in many forms including pills, chewable biscuits, and liquid oil. Any of these forms can help your dog to feel better as they cope with their cancer though chewable biscuits are often the easiest way to administer the medication. 

Acupuncture for Dogs

Another surprising complementary treatment available to dogs suffering from cancer is acupuncture. Acupuncture is an ancient form of Chinese medicine that focuses on the way that energy flows through the body. Acupuncture practitioners believe that problems with energy flow can contribute to the development of illness and can cause certain symptoms as well. 

To alleviate those problems with energy flow, acupuncturists use tiny needles inserted into energy points throughout the body. The needles stimulate the energy to flow through those spots and throughout the body. Acupuncture for dogs has many therapeutic effects. It can help your dog to relax, relieve stress, and even help with their pain. Just make sure you find a certified acupuncturist or a veterinarian with training in canine acupuncture to perform the treatments to ensure your dog's safety in the process. 

With these complementary treatments in mind, you can be sure your dog with cancer is getting the best treatment and the most holistic treatment possible.